The original source of back pain and how to get relief

I want to talk about back pain and would like to make the point of view of where it originated. To do this, we must return to the start and at the time we were in the womb , and when we were still babies and when we were little kids. During this time in our lives , part of our nervous system that was in line was a part that just feel in our environment. There was no thought. Just were directly related to the energy of our environment with this very sensitive part of our nervous system. pain relief

As we did, we are in the people around us , especially our moms and dads . You may have noticed that there was something in your system that gave us the feeling that the world was not quite sure . You may have noticed that had feelings and emotions and sensations that your nervous system is said to feel I was not sure , maybe frustration or pain or shame , or perhaps joy. As we rely on these people for our survival , our nervous system , he said , "Well, this must be how it's done . " And if our nervous system adopted these models in the natural course of things. pain relief

These programs that are installed in our system are the basic layer of survival programming that underlies everything that happens to us later. Therefore, the fall of our bicycle accident , car, hearing the portfolio, sitting at a computer - all traditional chiropractic things often mentioned - are secondary to survival programs that are installed in person in our system early. In fact , we are very prone to injury from motor vehicle accident , because our nervous system cannot adapt to it. Are less likely to be able to cure it, because there is always a layer underlying lesion survival basic programming using resources that could be used for healing. pain relief

When our nervous system implements these programs , which uses muscle tension in the wall of energy that is considered harmful , keeping kidnapped and keep them out of our consciousness. He stops blowing towards these pieces because if you breathe, experience , our nervous system and decided that these things are not safe experience. We use our position to help spread also complained to enter into relations with other parties parties. pain relief

From the perspective of this model , there are two basic reasons that the pain begins to surface . The first situation is where an emerging development phase in our lives. With this new step in the development of the energy that is considered dangerous at the time , is no longer considered hazardous and therefore your body starts to release and begin to surface . Often we experience this kind of pain. In this case, the pain is actually our body tries to correct. Second, if our nervous system has used many resources to create programs survival at some point in our nervous system may lack the resources to continue to focus on these survival programs . relief

At the time of this strategy begins to decompose and energy begins to flow. When it starts to move and enter consciousness, it may seem like all kinds of things, but the pain is often at least . pain relief
When we look back problems from this point of view , is simply trying to move stuck energy . In this perspective , the pain is actually the solution. We feel pain because our system is trying to correct. Removing the perfect solution for the pain to go to it .
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