Cataracts Symptoms - signs of the disease and two supplements that can prevent!

In this article I will share the best symptoms of cataracts and some ideas on how to prevent this condition. Close your eyes and imagine the light strikes the eye through and get to an area where it is processed and sent to the brain to create images. Symptoms Cataracts.
And if instead of light directly through the eye something blocked the light? If this happens, depending on the size of the obstacle was light bends and can not achieve its intended purpose of creating vision problems destination. This is what happens with a waterfall.
The sign of a waterfall above warning is that instead of having a clear vision of the eye sight of a person is more trouble. Almost like looking through a fogged window or blurred car mirror.
Another sign of this condition is the sensitivity to light. Of course everyone is a little sensitive to a light shining in his face pocket, but with cataracts worse. This also makes it difficult to drive at night, when lights.
Symptoms Cataracts.
A person with cataracts may also have their eyes lenses change yellow or brown. That could add a little extra brown tint to vision. This color may be mild at first, but as it progresses the person may have trouble seeing other colors such as blue or purple.
Then the light goes around the object blocking that can guess what else might appear in someone's vision? I'll give you head, which can make it harder for night driving, and angels are connected to them. Yes, halos around lights can form, sometimes I look when I wake up in the first place.
Symptoms supplements.
Finally, a person may experience difficulty seeing distant objects as well as to see two or more of the same image. In a word, if you start to notice problems with his vision, is probably the best for a eye exam.
To avoid this problem in vision a person can take lycopene. A study was conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. The scientists took a group of rats and divided into two groups. One group received an injection of lycopene and the second did not.
Next, the researchers injected a solution that creates cataract in rats. The conclusion was that only 9% of the rats that had undergone cataract lycopene against 83% in the group that had no lycopene.
A second supplement that can help is carnosine. In a study published by the American Society of Chemical Science again took a group of rats. Some were injected with carnosine and some are not. So you can guess what happened? Yes, the scientists injected a solution that created the waterfall. The result was that the group of rats that had undergone the Carnosine 50-60% less disturbance in their vision.
To summarize all the symptoms are better cataracts.
• Clear vision.
• Sensitivity to light.
• Halos around lights.
• change Eyes yellow or brown.
• Living a vision of yellow or brown.
• see more hard objects in the distance.
• Two or more of the same vision LED.
To prevent cataracts take these two supplements.
1) Lycopene
2) Carnosine
Supplements and alternative medicine can be confusing and even harmful. Do things really easy and give your body a great advantage.

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