Do you want a goose liver?

Do you want a goose liver?  fat
Foi Gras is a favorite French pate from goose livers. To make them fat fatty livers and in preparation, they do not force them to feed the goose fat, they feed on grains.
To fatten a cow or a sheep or any other form of tasty meat, the best option is the grain. If they let the cows eat grass, they eat what they need, but feed grains and only pigs!
So why do humans think that eating cereal is healthy and fat will make us fat!
Long ago, a government official told us to do it. And he believes them because, of course, government officials have our best interests at heart and because they have scientific types in lab coats that advise them.
In addition, they have massive industries like associations of producers of grains and sugar that speak in their ears and fulfill their portfolios. Therefore, decisions are made that have enormous implications for health, since it is economically convenient to do so.
But the real cost of these decisions was not clarified for decades. Long after the brave and collected politicians had retired or died a long time.
This became evident recently when in the New York Times entitled "sugar supporters blame the fat" showed how corruption and consequences led to the weakness of the message that is being pushed incorrectly in the throat generations innocent people Which lead to an explosion of obesity and diabetes.
So the question is if you want to be fattened like the previous generations following the low-fat and carbohydrate post consumed under the banner of heart healthy cereals, etc., or leave you these date and unhygienic tips and take charge of your health And your future?
The simplest solution is to follow a growing group of researchers, physicians and nutritional advisers who simply looked at the research and realized that something is terribly wrong with standard dietary advice.
Fats are not your enemy unless they are of the type manufactured in grain factories and pumped to all kinds of fast food and commercial cakes, bread, cookies, biscuits and muffins.
For over 20 years, I've heard of healthy fats, such as those found in olives, fish, nuts, seeds and avocados. But all the fats bunched together unfairly.
In order to take steps to take control of your health and dump sugars, grains and processed foods.

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